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As I previously announced in my latest post, I'll start review the hair products that I like the most with you guys!

The first review is the ARGAN OIL conditioner with moroccan oil
It`s very affordable even though is just 150 ml, not a lot of product if you ask me. The first time that I used this product, I used it as a conditioner but there's not much slip when I started the detangling part. 
I was pretty upset! I didn`t want to waste a brand new hair product.
So I started to think: how can I reuse it? I did some researches and...BINGO! I found a solution and a little tip that I wanna share with you!

Instead of using it AFTER shampooing, try to use it BEFORE shampooing and here's how!
Make sure to wet your hair, cover your strands with the conditioner, cover your head with a shower cup and leave it on for about 20-25 minutes before rinsing.

To sum up, I would give this conditioner a 6- as a conditioner and a 7 as a pre-shampoo conditioner!
What do you think about? Have you ever been disappointed in some hair products before?

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