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Who on earth could ask this type of question to a natural girl wearing the afro hairstyle without being rude or offensive??

 A KID, of course!

You have to know that I`m childminding an English little black girl really smart and funny and it was time to pick her up from school. I usually take 15-20 minutes to do my hair before going out and I usually wear always the same hairstyle (braid the sides and a twist out in the upper part of the head), but this time I wanted to do something different so I secured the right side with a bobby pin and wore the rest of my hair out (picture above). When I went to pick up the little girl with my afro hair, she smiled at me and she said: "why you look like a clown without the red colour?". 

At first, I smiled for the innocence in that question and I thought that she`s just a kid, starting to discover the world and full of questions so I simply answered "this is my hair, my natural hair. I like it like this, so I`m wearing it in this hairstyle". At that exact moment, I realized that my struggle to be accepted from anybody NO MATTER WHAT  was finally over. If my hair`s not loved by everybody it`s fine, but is not one of my problems anymore.

When did you realize that you completely accepted your hair? Let me know, girls!

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