Hi girls! 
How's your Sunday?? Today I wanted to spoil my hair, so I chose for an homemade hair mask. Really simple to do and to apply! Don`t worry if your hair gonna look really dry before the rinsing part because it`s normal. I suggest you to use it before your usual shampoo & conditioner, to leave it on the head for at least 45 minutes and to put a towel on your shoulders to avoid egg all over your back!! .
Sooooooo let`s get started!


a tablespoon of olive oil (mine is ready to go) 
 a bowl 
 a fork 

First step is to pour the olive oil in the bowl.

Then you will add the eggs. The number of eggs is in proportion to your hair`s lenght. My hair is kinda short, so I just needed one.

This is how the mask looks like when is ready to be used. 

In the picture above I just finished applying my homemade mask. Two quickly tips: you should massage the scalp when apply the mask and use a shower cap while your waiting to rinse. 
They both help your hair growth because they stimulate the circulation of the blood under your scalp.

After rinsed my hair with lukewarm water, I used shampoo & conditioner as usual. I finished with wrapping my wet hair with a shirt, the same that I used here. The towel removes the moisture from the hair so it`s better use a cotton t-shirt or shirt instead. 

And this is the final result!! As hairstyle I did bantu knots. 

So what do you think about this DIY? Do you have other tips that you want to share? Try this mask and tell me how worked for you. Write you soon, sweeties! 


  1. I love homemade hair masks! Olive oil+eggs are such a great combo for smooth, shiny hair!


    1. It really helped my hair! Hope gonna help you too! xx


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