I had a really busy week, but finally today I had some time for myself and I knew what I had to do: trim my hair. I`m still in that phase in my natural curly hair journey where I want to do ANYTHING by myself, even trim the split ends so I decided to share with you my method. If you do some researches there`re tons and tons of methods to trim natural hair and you just have to find the one that suits you perfectly. Today I`ll tell you mine, but very soon I`ll post all methods that you can use to trim you hair. 
Let`s begin!
I start with creating 4 big sections of hair; then I take some loose hair from one section, I saturate them with water, I gently comb my them with a medium tooth comb and then I run my fingers through my hair to feel any damage, dry ends or knot. If I feel something, I trim it off with my hair scissors. I keep going like this until I did all my 4 sections. 
A tip to have a great final result? Use hair scissors (called hair shears) and use it just to trim your hair. If you use scissors that are not sharp as the hair shears, you can actually create damages to your hair.

What is your method to trim hair? Do you have any question? Have a beautiful weekend, girls!

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