Yes, you read correctly: today I`ll share an homemade wax recipe, where the main ingredient is sugar! Since I stopped to perm my hair, I started looking for natural recipes to replace the products that I wasn`t satisfied with. I was looking for a different way to remove unwanted superficial hair, so I did some researches and finally I run into this video on YouTube realized by Maha, where you can easily discover how to do an Arabic (or Sugar) Wax. I have to be honest: I didn`t succeed at the first try, but at the second one, my homemade wax was perfect! This completely natural wax is perfect for those of you who have inflammatory reaction after a normal wax, for sensitive skins and on delicate areas (i.e. upper lip, eyebrows, arms, underarms and the bikini line). 
So if you want to know how to do it, keep reading!

1 glass of granulated sugar - 3 tablespoons of lemon (or squeeze of half lemon) - 2 tablespoons of water - 1 teaspoon of salt - 1 empty glass can - 1 pan

You`re gonna add up all the ingredients in the pan, put the pan on the stove and start to stir with a metal tablespoon. The secret is to cook over a low heat and to keep stir.

This is the first phase of the sugar. The sugar starts to be clear.

In the second phase, the sugar it`s starting to become darker and of a different consistency.

When the sugar gonna be of this colour, it`s time to turn off the gas. If you want to use the wax not right away but in the following days, pour the wax directly in the glass can and let it cool down. 
If you want to utilize immediately the wax, pour the wax directly on a marble surface, wait few seconds, use a metal spoon to stir the product on the surface. When you`ll have a little ball, wet your hands and start to stretch and play with the wax. It`s still very hot so be careful!!!!! 

This is how much wax you`re gonna have with just one glass of sugar. Isn`t amazing??
Don`t worry if you poured some wax on the floor or anywhere else: use some warm water to clean everything, even the pan. 
What do you think about it? Try it and tell me if you like it or not.
Have a lovely Sunday, girls! 

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  1. I think I'm gonna try this stuff!

    1. Then tell me if it works for you! Have a nice day! xx


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