That's right!! Now you can find me also on Facebook ! I kinda feel like Beyoncè, launching a surpr...


That's right!! Now you can find me also on Facebook!
I kinda feel like Beyoncè, launching a surprise during the night. Of course I'm not that famous and important, but I just now had some courage time to start a personal page for my blog "Head Enough". I feel now is the right time and I finally feel ready for it.
Hope you're gonna show me some love clicking the "like" button!
Love you guys! Thanks for everything, folks!

Esatto!! D'ora in poi potrete trovarmi anche su Facebook!
Devo essere sincera: mi sento un po' come Beyoncè, a lanciare sorprese la sera tardi senza avvertire nessuno! Ho finalmente avuto un po' di coraggio tempo a disposizione per iniziare una pagina personale per il mio blog "Head Enough".  
Spero che vi piaccia l'idea e di poter trovare molti di voi anche su Facebook!
Un bacione e grazie mille per il continuo supporto!

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4 commenti

  1. Congrats on your Facebook page, I know how you feel. I haven't had the courage to make one for my blog yet, but with the new year....who knows. Have a Happy New Year!


  2. Hey Doll, you look ravishing! that yellow suits you.

    new blog post. check it out!!!


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