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Hello guys! I have really good news that I want to share with you! I`ve been very busy in this few days because I`m organising my departure to ITALY! Yes, that`s right! The departure is set for 6th of August and I`ll stay in Italy for 2 weeks. I`m really really excited! I`ll probably take the first week as a complete holiday and stay in my home town, just hanging out with family and friends and no posts ; then I`ll restart posting the second week, while I`ll be in Venice hosted by my sister. I can`t wait! 
Anyway today I want to talk to you about methods to determine your undertone. Knowing your undertone helps you to find out in which colours you rock! Generally there are 4 methods to find out: fabrics test, veins test, ear test and jewellery test. So let`s start!
1) FABRICS TEST In this case you`ll need a gold and a silver piece of fabric. All you have to do is put the fabrics next to your face. If the gold fabric makes you more radiant, probably you are warm and your undertone is yello…


Hello everybody! I hope you had a great day!  Today I want to share some great tips to grow your natural curly hair.
1) DRINK WATER AND EAT FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES I know that this first point seems obvious but is not. I personally started drinking bottles and bottles of water every day and eat properly: your skin gonna be glowing, your hair more moisturised and you just gonna see the difference, trust me!
2) TAKE VITAMINS DAILY The deficiency of vitamins (especially B but also A, C, E and BIOTIN) in our diet lead to hair loss. You don`t have to spend a lot of  money for the vitamins. Generic drugs are going to be just fine! Vitamins help your hair growth and your nails to be more healthy and strong. 3) COMB YOUR HAIR WHEN WET I think this is the king tip of all! When your natural hair is dry, it is more fragile, sensitive and weak; the opposite situation happens when your hair is wet.  I also suggest to starting to comb from the ends up to the scalp, when your hair is wet and with a lot o…


Hello there! This is my blog: HEAD ENOUGH.  I always straightened my hair when I was living in Italy. Then I came here in UK.  One morning I woke up, I looked my hair in the mirror and I asked myself "why I have to perm my hair? Do I really like straight hair? What are my other OPTIONS?".   At that point I discovered a new world: the NATURAL HAIR WORLD. I immediately stopped straightening my hair and started transitioning (period from straightened to natural hair). Six months later (12th July 2013) I did the Big Chop i.e. I cut all my permed ends, leaving  just my natural and curly hair. At that point I decided to share my personal  experience hoping to help all the other girls who are struggling with their hair. What better way than opening a blog?? I`m not going to share just hair tips but also personal experiences, skin care hints and some fashion thoughts from my point of view. Thanks for reading my first post guys! Have a nice day!
Ciao a tutti! Questo e` il mio blog: HEAD ENOUG…