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Who on earth could ask this type of question to a natural girl wearing the afro hairstyle without being rude or offensive?? A KID, of course! You have to know that I`m childminding an English little black girl really smart and funny and it was time to pick her up from school. I usually take 15-20 minutes to do my hair before going out and I usually wear always the same hairstyle (braid the sides and a twist out in the upper part of the head), but this time I wanted to do something different so I secured the right side with a bobby pin and wore the rest of my hair out (picture above). When I went to pick up the little girl with my afro hair, she smiled at me and she said "why you look like a clown without the red colour?". At first I smiled for the innocence in that question and I thought that she`s just a kid, starting to discover the world and full of questions so I simply answered "this is my hair, my natural hair. I really like it like this, so I`m wearing it in this …


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I had a really busy week, but finally today I had some time for myself and I knew what I had to do: trim my hair. I`m still in that phase in my natural curly hair journey where I want to do ANYTHING by myself, even trim the split ends so I decided to share with you my method. If you do some researches there`re tons and tons of methods to trim natural hair and you just have to find the one that suits you perfectly. Today I`ll tell you mine, but very soon I`ll post all methods that you can use to trim you hair. 
Let`s begin! I start with creating 4 big sections of hair; then I take some loose hair from one section, I saturate them with water, I gently comb my them with a medium tooth comb and then I run my fingers through my hair to feel any damage, dry ends or knot. If I feel something, I trim it off with my hair scissors. I keep going like this until I did all my 4 sections.  A tip to have a great final result? Use hair scissors (called hair shears) and use it just to trim your hair. If …


Hello girls! How did you start this week? I quickly want to show you how to use the Arabic (or Sugar) Wax that I did yesterday and that you can see here
Ciao ragazze! Come avete iniziato questa settimana? Vi voglio mostrare velocemente come poter utilizzare la ceretta araba (o di zucchero) che ho fatto ieri e che potete vedere qui.

Apply some talcum powder on it. The talcum powder helps the wax to grab just the hair, not the skin.
Applicate un velo di borotalco sulla parte del corpo. Il borotalco aiuta la ceretta ad attaccarsi solamente ai peli e non alla pelle.

Instead, if you want to use the ball method as I normally do, take a small amount of the product, start to stretch and play the wax with wet hands until is ductile enough. Then apply the wax in the OPPOSITE direction of the hair growth and remove really quick the strip in the same direction of the hair growth.
Se invece volete usare il metodo della pallina come faccio io di solito, prendete una piccola quantita` di prodotto, iniz…


Hey folks! How`s your week? Day 6 was the last day in Venice. To come back in  UK I took my first night fly and I have to admit: the view was breathtaking! I`ll never forget this experience and I`m gonna take it with me forever.
Come va ragazze? Come ve la passate? Il sesto giorno e` stata la mia ultima giornata a Venezia. Per tornare in UK ho preso un volo notturno e lo devo ammettere: la vista era mozzafiato! Non mi dimentichero` mai di questa esperienza e la portero` con me per sempre.


DO RESEARCHES Natural curly hair is a new and unknown world that has to be discovered for a permed girl so don`t be afraid to ask questions and do some researches about it. You`re gonna discover tons and tons of informations and tips that you can try on your hair and see if they help you. I can`t even count how many hours I spent in front of the computer and, honestly, I don`t regret nothing, not even a second.
START KNOWING YOUR NEW HAIR All permed girls know the moment when the new hair growth start coming out and the first thing that you say is "oh,snap!"; well, you`re gonna have the exact opposite reaction when you start transitioning, trust me! You`ll start reconsider how your hair works so don`t be afraid to experience and try new products, new hairstyles and new treatments. It`s a hole different chapter of the life of your hair: try whatever you think is best for you. In my personal experience, I discovered that I love doing braids, try a new hairstyle as soon as I can, s…


For my natural curly hair, England is the paradise on Earth. I`m serious! Every time that I`m walking under a drizzle I know that when I go back home, my hair will be soft and hydrated. Today happened again and I thought that cornrows are a beautiful hairstyle to do. Quick, easy to wear when you have to sleep and you`re gonna have wavy hair when you release them: what more do you want, girl? Have a beautiful day, ladies!
Per i miei capelli afro, l` Inghilterra e` il paradiso in Terra. Sono seria! Ogni volta che cammino sotto una pioggia fine so che quando tornero` a casa, i miei capelli saranno soffici ed idratati. Oggi e` successo di nuovo e ho pensato che le treccine aderenti (cornrows) sono una bellissima acconciatura da fare. Veloce, adatta per quando dovete andare a dormire e quando scioglierete i capelli, avrete delle onde naturali: che cosa volete di piu`? Buona giornata, donne!


Hi girls! 
How's your Sunday?? Today I wanted to spoil my hair, so I chose for an homemade hair mask. Really simple to do and to apply! Don`t worry if your hair gonna look really dry before the rinsing part because it`s normal. I suggest you to use it before your usual shampoo & conditioner, to leave it on the head for at least 45 minutes and to put a towel on your shoulders to avoid egg all over your back!! . Sooooooo let`s get started!

Eggs  a tablespoon of olive oil (mine is ready to go)   a bowl   a fork 

First step is to pour the olive oil in the bowl.

Then you will add the eggs. The number of eggs is in proportion to your hair`s lenght. My hair is kinda short, so I just needed one.

This is how the mask looks like when is ready to be used.

In the picture above I just finished applying my homemade mask. Two quickly tips: you should massage the scalp when apply the mask and use a shower cap while your waiting to rinse.  They both help your hair growth because they stimulate…


On Wednesday on the "Steve Harvey Morning Show" Sheryl Underwood, comedian and co-host of "The Talk", apologised for her comment about natural black hair. All started when they were talking about Heidi Klum, who keeps the afro hair of her sons` after shaving them. The next thing that Underwood said was "Why would you save afro hair? You can`t weave afro hair. You never see us at the hair place going "Look, here, what I need is this curly, nappy beads." That just seems nasty." When the other co-host Sarah Gilbert shared that she keeps her son`s hair too, Underwood replayed saying "[because that`s] probably long, silky, stuff". After these comments, the web was full of critics towards Sheryl so she apologised saying "I want to apologize for my recent attempt at humor that missed the target and hit my people squarely in the heart. To all of you I say, I`m very sorry for my failed attempt at humor surrounding something that`s very sensit…


Hi folks! There`s a beautiful weather in this day of September, like yesterday: summer is still a little bit with us!  I wanted to wear comfortable and wide clothes, so I chose my really thin white sweater from Atmosphere®, boyfriend jeans from New Look and black vintage ankle boots. For a touch of colour I wore red lips. As hairstyle I used a bantu knot out on the upper part and braided the sides. Good luck to every student who went back to school today. Have a nice day, girls!
Ciao gente! C`e` un bellissimo tempo in questa giornata di Settembre, come ieri: l`estate e` ancora  un po`con noi! Ho voluto indossare vestiti larghi e comodi, quindi ho scelto la mia maglietta bianca leggerissima di Atmosphere®, boyfriend jeans di New Look e stivali vintage neri. Per un tocco di colore ho indossato un rossetto rosso. Come acconciatura ho utilizzato bantu knots out nella parte superiore e ho usato delle trecce ai lati.. Buona fortuna a ogni studente che oggi e` tornato a scuola. Buona giornata, ra…


Hi sweeties! I want to update the results of the tea treatment that I`ve been using since end of July. If you didn`t saw it, you can easily catch up going here. I spent all day at home today and at some point, my only thought was the refrain of Nelly`s famous song:  "it`s getting hot in here!!!!!!". That`s why I decided to do bantu knots all over my head: perfect haircut when it`s hot and an hairstyle that I absolute love! For my hairstyle I used a spray bottle with inside a mixture of water, olive oil and a detangler from the brand Dark and Lovely®. I added also some pictures of my new rings with pink roses at the top from Superdrug and my super-summery floral  tee. Lovely together, right? How was your day? Hot as mine?? Tell me all about it!
Ciao dolcezze! Voglio aggiornare  i risultati del trattamento al te` che sto utilizzando dalla fine di Luglio. Per chi se lo fosse perso, potete vederlo qui. Ho speso la giornata oggi in casa e ad un certo punto il mio unico pensiero e` st…


Hi girls! How`s your week going?  It`s time to talk about a conditioner perfect for my natural curly hair and my wallet. It`s SUNSILK SOOTHING CONDITIONER.  I paid it little less than 2£, 200ml of product and it`s enriched with avocado milk. "It`s designed tosoothe & moisturise", so it`s perfect to take care of an itchy or sensitive scalp.  I generally apply it after shampoo. It`s perfect for detangling (just with fingers or with a wide tooth comb), leaves really smooth hair and, most important thing, leaves really defined curls:  the only essential point for us curly girls! When we talk about natural curly hair, a product can be effective for one person but not for another one.  For me is the product that I would use before a first date, the product that I can always count on.  In conclusion, for me is definitely an 8/9! What are the hair products that are pure miracles for you but terrible for everybody else?  Have a nice day, folks!
Ciao ragazze! Come sta procedendo la vostra s…


Hi beauties! Did you already go back to work? As I was saying in my latest post, I`ll start review the hair products that I like the most! Today I review the ARGAN OIL conditioner with moroccan oil.  It`s cheap although is just 150 ml, so is a very small quantity of product. The first time that I used this product, I used it as a conditioner but is not so useful when I started the detangling part.  I was pretty upset! I didn`t want to waste a brand new hair product. So I started to think: how can I reuse it? I did some researches and...BINGO! I found a solution and a little tip that I wanna share with you! Instead of using it AFTER shampooing, try to use it BEFORE shampooing and you`re going to see a pleasant difference in your hair.  To sum up, I`ll give a 6- as a conditioner and a 7 as a pre-shampoo conditioner! What do you think about? Did you had to find a solution to reuse a poor quality product? Tell me all about it! Have a nice Monday, folks!
Ciao bellezze! Siete gia` tornate a lavoro?? Co…


As you can see, finally my afro hair are growing! I had to stay out all day today, so I wanted to use a twist out on the upper part of my head and braid the sides. It`s a super easy hairstyle and you can go wherever you want without worrying about your hair. How cool is that?
In the next posts, I`m gonna review some products for natural hair that I always use and that are vital for me. 
Have a nice Sunday, guys!

Come potete vedere, finalmente i miei capelli afro stanno crescendo! Sono dovuta stare fuori tutto il giorno oggi, quindi ho voluto utilizzare un twist out nella parte superiore della mia testa e fare delle trecce ai lati. E` una semplicissima acconciatura e potete andare dovunque senza preoccuparvi dei vostri capelli. Non e` grandioso?
Nei prossimi post recensiro` alcuni prodotti per i capelli naturali che uso sempre e che sono vitali per me.
Buona domenica, ragazzi!