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Today I quickly want to share with you my review of the H&M hot sand eyeshadow. I bought it when I was still in Italy and I wanted to buy something different but I never tried it because I put it inside my makeup bag and honestly forgot it! Well, yesterday I had some inspiration and wanted to play a little bit with makeup and I discovered it after a long time.
As you can see, the eyeshadow "hot sand" comes in a small package, perfect if you want to carry it with you around in your bag. The colours are slightly metallic, pigmented but obviously not enough for a dark skin like mine. The package looks a little bit cheap, crease pretty easily and if you don't use a proper primer, it's gonna come off easily. Unfortunately the only two positive aspects about this eyeshadow is that is cheap and light weighted, but I wouldn't recommend it or buy it again.

What do you think about? Ever used an H&M make up product?
Let me know!

Oggi vi voglio mostrare come ho applicato l'ombretto H&M per un look giornaliero molto semplice. Ho comprato questo ombretto quando vivevo ancora in Italia ed ero nella fase "sperimentazione" della mia adolescenza. Come potete vedere, l'ombretto viene venduto in una confezione tascabile, perfetta per essere portata dovunque in borsa.
I colori sono leggermente metallici, pigmentati ma non abbastanza per risaltare su pelli più scure come la mia per esempio. La confezione risulta un po' banale, molto economica ed il trucco non tiene se non viene preceedentemente applicato un primer. Purtroppo gli unici lati positivi di questo ombretto sono il prezzo molto economico e la confezione semplice per essere trasportata dovunque, ma dati i troppi lati negativi, non lo consiglierei o comprerei una seconda volta.

Voi che cosa ne pensate? Avete mai provato prodotti make up della linea di vestiti H&M?
Fatemi sapere ragazze!  


  1. I've never tried any makeup from H&M or any fast fashion retailer because they aren't of very great quality. I don't think this eye shadow does your eyes justice. It's not bright enough and pretty plain. I hope you find better eye shadow in the future. :)

    Invisible Blush

    1. Yes, I didn't like it either! Thanks for the comment, Christine! xx

  2. Like the colour but a bright eyeshadow would look absolutely great with your eyes and skin, sure of that ;)

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  3. My favorite make up is Stila, and that's what I use. You're right though, when shopping for a bargain brand eye shadow, you must have some good primer. Great review. :))


  4. Very nice colors.

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  5. Pretty! I love H&M, definitely need to give their makeup a try!

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  6. of course I follow you now via gfc and g+, hope you follow back, i am waiting for you on my blog.


  7. aww that's too bad! the only H&M makeup product I tried is their slim brush liquid liner :) it works really well though <3 I loved it!


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