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Hello, lovelies! How was your week? Hopefully great! Today I wanted to share with you a new trick that I tried for my natural hair who helped me a lot. 

In the last couple of days, I experienced itchy scalp and hair built up, even with freshly washed hair. In that moment I knew that I had to clarify my hair and scalp. 
What clarify means? Clarify natural hair is a specific type of hair wash where one removes "buildup". Clarifying essentially strips the hair bare naked, removing all products, minerals (from water, usually hard water), sebum or dirt/grime. Hair in this state is without applied moisture such as from conditioner or leave-ins or oils. Clarifying removes what's on the surface of hair strands, leaving your hair completely clean. As you remember I already shared a tip to clarify afro hair -here- with a natural ingredient. Today we talk about lemons. Yes, lemons!
Lemon has a high concentration of citric acid that is proven to clarify the scalp and fight dandruff from the roots of the hair follicles. All I did was adding to 3/4 of warm water 1/4 of fresh lemon juice and leave it on my scalp and hair for 20 minutes. 
In the end I rinsed it off under warm tap water at first, with a cold rinse at the end. I instantly felt the "clean hair effect" and shiny hair that I was looking for! I can't believe that was THAT EASY to have natural cleansed hair.
What do you think about it? Did you ever try the lemon juice rinse? I can't wait to read your comments!


  1. nice post! great tip :)


  2. very informative.


  3. I have never tried the rinse but I would some day :) Enter my blog giveaway

    Louisa Moje

  4. Interesting knowledge! Thanks for sharing! Love this photograph as well, so cool seeing something that detailed in a split split second. So glad I clicked on your comment on FASHIONVIBE and got led back here to yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. By the way, I just posted my new layering (step-by-step) post on how to style some old C√ČLINE floral trousers and make them new new again. Check it out to see how many layers does it take to get to the juicy center haha!

    xx The Provoker

  5. Awesome post! And wow, I'd never heard of that trick before! I've been using clarifying shampoos for ages and I never thought of DIY-ing one :O


    1. Grande, devo provare,siccome in questo periodo trovo i miei capelli difficili..grazie per i consigli


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