Bornprettystore.com is a great online store that offers a broad spectrum of fashion and beauty products, accessories, nail products, jewelry, phone cases, stylish watches and more!I had the opportunity to pick something out from the Jewelry & Accessories and the amount of products that you can find on this site is ridicolous!
Finally the items arrived and I had to take some pics and share them with you guys! 
Unfortunately the punk rock rings are slightly loose for my skinny fingers so I'm not wearing them as much as I wanted to. 
On the other hand the simple gold ring is already worn off since I use it every day and I used the pink cat ear hair hoop for the night out to celebrate my 20th birthday. I received just compliments during the entire night thanks to my feline look so I'm really really REALLY pleased with my choices! 

For all the loyal readers of my blog,the  website Bornprettystore.com provided a discount of -10% if you enter the promotional code KPPT10.
What you're waiting for??

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