First of all happy National Lipstick Day, gurls! 
To celebrate this fantastic day I wanted to experiment with another beautiful shade from Sleek Makeup line.
If you remember my last review on a Sleek lipstick shade -Mystic 783- you already know that I looove Sleek Makeup. 
This time I choose to dare. I wanted a dramatic look and I was really pleased to find the shade Mulberry 788
When I want to feel sophisticated and vampy, I tend to use this colour.
The only down side of this lipstick is that is sheen and comes off pretty easily. 
The good news is that if you apply a transparent powder on top of it, you're going to have dark long lasting matte lippie. 

So what do you think? Have you ever used a Sleek Makeup product? 

Today I also wanted to celebrate my 100th post published on this very blog!
It seems yesterday when I decided to share with the entire blogosphere my personal thoughts about natural hair, fashion and makeup. I don't regret any single second spent on nurturing my baby blog.
And I also want to thank all the beautiful people out there who are constantly rooting for me and make my dreams come true.  



Have a wonderful day, peeps!



Hey peeps!
Finally I can share with you the rest of the shooting that I partially showed you here.
I had the beautiful chance to collaborate with a young and talented photographer, Nomsa. I never had the pleasure to work with somebody who shares my exact view on how to work and it was kind of scary to discover to agree on so many visions.
She just started a photography site that you can easily check out clicking here. Make sure to show her some love!

Have a wicked week!



I'm currently obsessed with SLEEK MAKEUP. That's it! I said it out loud!
I can't help it! Everything from this makeup line looks so good on my complexion that I have to treat me well. 
  For me this Mystic matte shade is playful, summery and irreverent. I used it a couple of time already and I'm still so impressed about it. It has a matte finish (which I personally love), I can eat/drink whatever I want without any touch ups, really long lasting and it doesn't dry out my lips. Too good to be true, honestly.
I had so many compliment last time that I wore this shade that I felt like a model! 
I would definitely recommend this makeup line to all the dark women out there ready to try out something new and fun!

What do you think? Have you ever used a Sleek Makeup product? 
Have a wonderful day, people! 



Beautiful pictures of afro curly hair from Tumblr.
Happy Monday, y'all!

Bellissime foto di capelli afro da Tumblr che mi ispirano e mi fanno innamorare sempre di più dei capelli naturali! 

Buon Lunedì a tutti!



1. White + Birds Print Blazer - SheInside
2. Navy Fringe Denim Shorts - SheInside
3. Purple Chiffon Vest - SheInside
4. Purple Square Lenses Shades - SheInside

Hello world!
Since summer is really starting to kick in but I have no dinero, I decided to spend all my energy in creating wishlists and resting after experiencing a really bad cold.

What do you think? Would you rock this look? 
Let me know girlssssssss! 

Buongiorno mondo!
E` da lunedi che sono a casa malata, ma finalmente oggi inizio a sentirmi di nuovo come la vecchia me stessa!
Per festeggiare il mio "ritorno" volevo condividere con voi un'ipotetico outfit dove una semplice maglietta puo` creare un look fresco e alla moda.

Che ne dite? Sfoggereste questo look?
Fatemi sapere!



Editorial for Glamour South Africa magazine from FAB

Hello beautiful people! 
Here is a tribute to all the TWA girls around the world.
REMEMBER: short hair don't care!!! 

Buongiorno bella gente!
Oggi mi sentivo di omaggiare l'incredibile bellezza dei TWA.
Spero vi possa piacere tanto quanto piace a me.



Almost two months ago I decided to start volleyball again. When I was younger and still living in Italy, volleyball was my true passion, but for a series of reasons, I had to quit.
Since I moved here in UK and started working, I was looking for something to do in my spare time so OBVIOUSLY I decided to start volleyball again.
When I used to play volleyball years ago, I wore my prescription glasses sometimes and luckily I never had any sort of problem but I knew that it wasn't safe at all.
This time I wanted to be wiser and more careful so I opted to try out contact lenses. Why not?
I purchased my lenses via Get Lenses. The delivery was really quick and they even included a small Haribo pack within my parcel. Yes, you read correctly: Haribo sweets for free! I will DEFINITELY keep purchasing my  lenses from them! lol
I decided to buy the monthly contact lenses Biomedics 55 Evolution because of the low price and the easy daily care. Now the only thing that I needed was a solution to clean/sterilize my lenses.
I opted for Opti-Free Replenish Contact Lenses Solution on Amazon, a real bargain!

My first experience trying to actually wear the contact lenses wasn't that bad if I have to be honest! It took me 25ish minutes for both eyes and I was really pleased with the results!
Finally I didn't need to squint to read any type of writing and my eye makeup was actually noticed for once! 
The only down side was that I managed to lose one of the lenses without even realising it. lol
All in all my experience with contact lenses is absolutely positive! Never experienced infections, dry eyes nor irritation *touch wood*. Now that I'm more experienced, I'm even using them in my spare time. I really don't know why I didn't try them earlier! *shacking my head*

What about you? Have you ever wore contact lenses? If yes, do you have a funny story about it?
Let me know guys! I'm curious!!!



Se mi seguite su Instagram -@headenough - probabilmente avrete gia` visto un'anteprima dello shooting che vi mostrero` qui molto presto.
Ieri ho avuto la possibilita` di lavorare per la prima volta con una giovane e talentuosissima fotografa. Ogni volta che collaboro per la prima volta con altre persone, non so bene che cosa aspettarmi. 
Per fortuna questa volta e' stato totalmente diverso: fin da subito, io e la fotografa ci capivamo alla perfezione e credo proprio che si possa percepire dal risultato finale delle foto!
E' stata veramente una bellissima esperienza che non vedo l'ora di ripetere. 
Non vedo l'ora di condividere con voi le foto!

Rimanete sintonizzati!

If you follow me on Instagram - @headenough - yesterday you probably already saw a sneak peek of a collaboration between me and a young talented photographer that I had the privilege to work with.
Can't wait to show you more guys! 

Stay tuned





Today I'm collaborating with Firmoo for a giveaway.



Hello lovely readers!
Today I want to talk about an online site that I just discovered. I am talking about Fashadeslte, the perfect site for fashionistas on a budget. 
On Fashadeslte you can find the most known brands in the world like Ray-Ban, CartierGucci and Dior at very low prices. The really good news is that, since the variety of products is really wide, you can find also perfect choices for man like Oakley and Radarlock.
If you spend more then $60, the shipping is totally FREE!and if you have any sort of problem with the glasses that you receive, you are entitle to return the product for FREE. Perfect, right?!?  
As you will see, all the sunglasses will come with a case so that your purchase will be always protected and safe. This is the perfect online site for those of you who are looking to be trendy and stylish during this summer, without having to start a mortgage! lol

Here are some lovely examples: 

I think this is my favourite pair of glasses of all! I really love the characteristic shape and the particular colour of the lenses.

What is your favourite pair of sunglasses? Let me know!

Quali sono i vostri occhiali preferiti? Fatemelo sapere nei commenti!

This is a sponsored post from 4sponsor.com with my unbiased thoughts.


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