The  Commonwealth Games  is an international,  multi-sport event   involving athletes from the  Commonwealth of Nations . The event was fi...

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. The event was first held in 1930 and has taken place every four years since then. 
I wanted to share this beautiful manifestation not just because I believe sport is very important for an healthy lifestyle and everybody should do it, but because I noticed a lot of hairstyles (natural and not) that has caught my attention.
It'so refreshing to see so many natural heads on television to inspire many girls who never heard about the Natural Hair Community or who are just hesitant.

My favourite hairstyle?
Ese's Zig zag cornrows. Love them!

Giochi del Commonwealth sono una manifestazione sportiva organizzata dalla Commonwealth Games Federation e tenuta ogni quattro anni, che richiama i migliori atleti delle Nazioni del Commonwealth. La prima edizione, allora nota comeBritish Empire Games, si tenne nel 1930.
Voglio condividere qui sul blog alcune delle atlete che hanno partecipato a questa magnifica manifestazione perche` credo sia importante diffondere acconciature che possano ispirare giovani ragazze che non hanno mai sentito parlare dei capelli afro naturali. 

La mia acconciatura preferita?
Le treccine aderenti a zig zag dell'atleta Ese.

Kerron Stewart - Sprinter

Kimberly Williams - Triple Jumper

Ayanna Alexander - Triple Jumper

Ese Brume - Long Jumper

Jazmin Sawyers - Long Jumper

Laura Samuel -Triple Jumper
pictures from here, here, here, here, here and here. 

What do you think? What hairstyle do you prefer? 
Happy August!
Che cosa ne pensate? Qual e` la vostra acconciatura preferita? 
Buon Agosto a tutti!

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  2. they all look awesome and very accomplished athletes

  3. Que portagem maravilhosa amei bom final de semana.
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  4. Isn't Jazmin Sawyers just stunning!


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