London, UK

What's your name, where do you live and what are your origins?
My name is Laise Matias Facada. Right now I'm living in Norwich (UK) but all my life is in Portugal.
I'm originally from Angola but at the age of 6, I moved to Portugal.

When did you stop straighten your hair and why?
Well, the last time that I put a relaxer on my hair was in December 2013 and then I decided to use extensions. I took the extensions out in May and I did braids until the 4th of August 2014. I was thinking about why the other girls (caucasian, Indian, Asiatic, etc) accept more their natural hair than we, black girls. 
I used to read, make research, and the more I discover the more amazed I was about the beauty of black hair. I spent 3 years thinking if I should just go natural or not. So on the 4th of August 2014, I decided that my hair is beautiful and I' m beautiful with my natural hair as I' am with a relaxer or with extensions, and I have to accept who am I.

I'm beautiful when I stop to fit into society stereotypes and start accepting as I am.

How would you describe your hair and texture? (coarse strands, long, thin, dense, etc)
My hair is type 4c, really dense with coarse strands: it took so much time to make braids lol When I wash it and let it just air dry it shrinks so much and get some curls that are so tightly kinked.

How do you take care of your hair?
The key is not to stress them too much. I wash it every Sunday. I was considering wash it in the middle of the week but I'm just too lazy for that lol. My wash routine: I start with shampooing 2 times my hair, then use conditioner and at the end deep condition them. Little secret: I add to the deep conditioner honey and black castor oil (this oil does a miracle, just amazing), let it sit for 40 minutes and sometimes I let my hair air dry  or I use a hair-dryer (I'm not afraid of the heat on my hair but obviously I don't use it all the time).
Sleep routine: I just do some braids or some twist with a leave-in conditioner for curly hair. Sometimes during the week, I use some castor oil on my scalp and even all over the hair (believe me it's wonderful!).

Did you transition or have a big chop?
I preferred transitioning, just cutting the relaxed parts, and let my natural roots grow out.

What are your words of inspiration for other girls that are interested in returning natural?
Natural is beautiful, through your hair you can express your inner beauty and who you really are. Your hair is you, your heritage, your story. Don't be shy and embrace your beauty. 
And be patient: each hair has its own time.


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