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by Shockingly Tasty

Since I decided to have natural hair, I am constantly looking for tips and suggestions to keep my hair healthy.  In the last period, where I wanted to "protect" my hair, I preferred to use my TREsemme conditioner knowing that it wasn't a 100% natural product. Now I am really looking to cleanse and re balance the PH of my hair.


Beautiful pictures of Natural Curly Hair & twa's hair from here and here.  Happy Monday, y'all!
Bellissime foto di capelli afro e twa che mi ispirano e mi fanno innamorare sempre di più i capelli naturali!  Buon Lunedì a tutti!
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H&M hot sand EYESHADOW

without flash

Today I quickly want to share with you my review of the H&M hot sand eyeshadow. I bought it when I was still in Italy and I wanted to buy something different but I never tried it because I put it inside my makeup bag and honestly forgot it! Well, yesterday I had some inspiration and wanted to play a little bit with makeup and I discovered it after a long time. As you can see, the eyeshadow "hot sand" comes in a small package, perfect if you want to carry it with you around in your bag. The colours are slightly metallic, pigmented but obviously not enough for a dark skin like mine. The package looks a little bit cheap, crease pretty easily and if you don't use a proper primer, it's gonna come off easily. Unfortunately the only two positive aspects about this eyeshadow is that is cheap and light weighted, but I wouldn't recommend it or buy it again.
What do you think about? Ever used an H&M make up product? Let me know!

Oggi vi voglio mostrare come…


INGREDIENTS 1 firm avocado  2 tablespoons of honey 2 tablespoons of extra virgin oil 
The first thing that I did is cut in two the avocado. You can use a blender, a mixing spoon or a fork to completely mash the avocado. Then you add honey and the olive oil. At the end you have to apply the mixture on the hair, wear a shower cup and wait 30-45 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
What are your thoughts? Did you ever tried this mask?  Let me know!


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Quale modo migliore di iniziare il 2014 se non con un giveaway? Esatto! Oggi collaboro assieme all'azienda Firmoo per un giveaway internazionale. Firmoo è il negozio d'ottica online più conosciu…