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Beautiful pictures of afro curly hair from Pinterest. Happy Monday, y'all!

Bellissime foto di capelli afro da Pinterest, che mi ispirano e mi fanno innamorare sempre di più dei capelli naturali! 

Buon Lunedì a tutti!


Hello beauts! Sorry if I was M.I.A. in the last period, but I've spent all my time moving house, working insanely hours and trying to keep an healthy life (failing miserably). But now I am hereeeee and I can finally share with you my first collaboration with a prestigious and wonderful UK online site. Since I became natural, I always searched for a valid online site that sells a vaste range of natural products, including a hair range.  And then I found Sheabeutimia, the most known site for naturals in UK.

Founded by Jo Minta, the official site says: Welcome to Sheabeutimia At Sheabeutimia we love to manufacture natural products for your hair and skin that can benefit all hair and skin types. There are tips in caring for the hair and some videos to help put the tips into practice on the blog section. With the expertise in cosmetology & beauty therapy and in-depth researching about these fields, our products have been formulated specifically for you to address various skin and hair pr…


Beautiful pictures of afro curly hair from Pinterest. Happy Monday, y'all!

Bellissime foto di capelli afro da Pinterest, che mi ispirano e mi fanno innamorare sempre di più dei capelli naturali! 

Buon Lunedì a tutti!


Hey guys! How was your day? Mine was fantastic! I finally found the apartment of my dreams and really soon I'm going to move out and start a new adventure! Of course I'll tell you everything really soon. Anyway today I want to share a really chic site that I just found out. I am talking about Fashion Union, of course!  Fashion Union is an online fashion site that offers the best trends that you can possibly immagine. The site also offers 15% off all orders for all the students  and a free standard delivery on all orders over £35. I totally fall in love with the "accessories" corner and the great selection of crop tops. Check out some of my favourite items that I picked!

Velvet Cotton Boxy T-Shirt In White

Becki Long Sleeved Printed Shift Dress With Collar In Yellow

Lory Sweater Bomber Jacket In Grey

Carolee Long Chain Necklace With Triangle Metal Detail In Gold

Cathrine Tribal Wrist Cuff In Silver

Robbi PU Ankle Strap Stiletto In Black
What do you think? Have you ever shopped at F…


Let's be honest: is not easy to find a makeup line women of colour friendly. I still have to find the perfect foundation for my skin but I hope I'll find the right answer sooner or later. The first time I've tried this foundation I was really disappointed with the result. I have an extremely oily skin but no acne problems and I was looking for a foundation shine-free.  Maybelline "Fit Me" doesn't help AT ALL my oily-as-hell skin, but that is the only down side! If I apply a good translucent powder after the foundation, my face looks amazing and I don't need any touch up during the day. 

with flash

without flash

The shade that I chose - Coconut 355, the darkest shade available - is perfect for my skin tone. And when I say perfect I mean perfectly perfect!  Everyone says that my skin look flawless and natural as though I have nothing on. That's why I love this foundation! It fives you an incredible natural look. Plus i…


As soon as I took off my Marley extensions, I knew what my first hairstyle would have been: BANTU KNOTSALL-NIGHT-LONG (literally lol). They are pretty easy to do and they look superfly!! I think the combination dark lippie + bantu knots is really R. Kelly screaming that a certain female girl has a vibe lol To achieve a good bantu knot outfirst I got slightly wet a section of hair with a mixture of water + olive oil, then I applied some coconut oil to seal and the fabulous scented JOCIE ArgMac Organic Argan & Macadamia Oils pomade from Sheabeutimia.  After finishing my bantu knots, I covered my hair with a satin scarf and went to bed. Next day I unravelled my bantu knots and... VOILA`!
What do you think? What is you're favourite 90's song? Let me know!
Have a lovely day peeps!
Almost forgot! Here is a little gift for those of you who wants to feel some vibe this morning.  You can all thank me later.


Good morning, y'all! Today I want to share with you all another outfit with the same heavenly background like myGarden Paradise post. Nomsa is the photographer who did all the work here. I really like this ethnic look thanks to Nomsa's blazer. If you want to see more pictures from her, check out her personal sitehere.
This morning I woke up pretty sleepy because I spent basically all yesterday to take off my Marley Twists and to nurture my lovely natural hair with some Sheabeutimia products (really soon I'm gonna share with you this amazing collaboration, I promise!). I have to be honest: I really missed my hair, like FOH REAL!  Sometimes we don't appreciate enough all the little lucky things that we have in our lives.  Right now I'm wearing some bantu knots that I'm going to unravel before going out.  My plans for this afternoon checking out a new room, do some food shopping, relax and read in this beautiful sunny weather.
I really hope the room will be what I'm l…


1. White Sleeveless Midriff Floral Vest - SheInside 2. Black Zipper Striped Skirt - SheInside 3. Retro Gold Leaf Ring - SheInside 4. Green Gemstone Gold Diamond Flower Earrings - SheInside

Weekend is already over and it's time to go back to work (unfortunately!!). Hope you guys are going to enjoy this Sunday sipping iced drinks after a good swim in a crystalline sea. This is a simple and chic look perfect headturner for this hot hot summer nights. What do you think? Do you like this look? Happy Sunday!

Il finesettimana e` gia` finito (purtroppo) ed e` gia` ora per me di tornare a lavorare. Spero che vi stiate godendo una bella bibita ghiacciata dopo una nuotata in un mare cristallino. Questo outfit chic e alla moda e` l'ideale per queste caldi notti d'estate. Che ne dite? Vi piace questo look? Buona domenica ragazzi!


The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport eventinvolving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. The event was first held in 1930 and has taken place every four years since then.  I wanted to share this beautiful manifestation not just because I believe sport is very important for an healthy lifestyle and everybody should do it, but because I noticed a lot of hairstyles (natural and not) that has caught my attention. It'so refreshing to see so many natural heads on television to inspire many girls who never heard about the Natural Hair Community or who are just hesitant.
My favourite hairstyle? Ese's Zig zag cornrows. Love them!

Giochi del Commonwealthsono una manifestazione sportiva organizzata dalla Commonwealth Games Federation e tenuta ogni quattro anni, che richiama i migliori atleti delle Nazioni del Commonwealth. La prima edizione, allora nota comeBritish Empire Games, si tenne nel 1930. Voglio condividere qui sul blog alcune delle atlete che hanno partecip…