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Finding a good hair routine that suits your hair needs is never easy. How many of you wake up in the morning with dry and tangled hair, even though you spent most of the previous day doing pre-poos, deep conditioning and nearly drowning yourself with water? We try our best to take care of our hair and to use the best products on our curls, but if we don't spend time in properly sealing the products in our kinky curls, our hair won't keep any moisture, resulting in unruly and very disappointing dry strands. Now that autumn has begun, my hair definitely need even more TLC and attention than usual. The English weather is NO JOKE so I tend to change and use heavier sealing products on my hair when it gets cold. My high porosity 4B hair means that the best way to maintain moisturise and hydration is to create different layers of products and hope for the best. That's when I first met the LOC method. LOC is the acronym used to describe the order of product application on your hair. …


I've neglected my hair for far too long and I had to do something about it. As soon as I had my day off, I wanted to take care of my curls so I've decided to add the Aviela's Nourishing Shea Butter Oil Treatment as a deep conditioner to my normal routine. Keep reading to find out the few products that I've used to achieve amazing results. Nell'ultimo periodo sono stata piuttosto occupata a lavoro e non ho avuto la possibilità di prendermi cura dei miei ricci. Appena ho avuto un attimo di respiro ho deciso  di dedicare la mia giornata ai miei ricci. Ho aggiunto l'olio al burro di karitè della linea inglese Aviela come impacco prima di lavarmi i capelli. Continuate a leggere per scoprire i prodotti ed il procedimento che ho utilizzato.
PRODUCTS I'VE USED | PRODOTTI UTILIZZATI 1. Aviela Healthy Hair Nourishing Shea Butter Oil Treatment | Trattamento olio al burro di karitè 2. Palmer Curl Repair Moisture Conditioner | Balsamo Nutriente 3. ORS Argan Oil | Olio d'…


If you are used to chemically relax your hair, you are probably used to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Quite easy, right? Shampoo has the function of cleansing your hair and scalp from build up and dirt, while the  conditioner need to replenish all the nutrient lost during the week. When I was still a newby in the afro hair massive world, I often found my scalp to be greasy, dirty, full of knots and oftentimes daindruff even after coming out of the shower.
I thought I just had to give some time to my curls and let them be (SPOILER ALERT: wrong decision!). I kept washing my hair as usual, but nothing seemed to change. I was frustrated and even thinking of starting with the creamy crack again.
Thankfully, I did a quick research online and I found out that the most naturals don't really use shampoo at all. I have finally discovered the co-wash, the solution to most of my hair problems. Even if I was slightly skeptical, I gave it a try and amazed by the beautiful result…


CURA PRE-NODO Se la mattina venite svegliate dal cinguettìo di uccellini che hanno scambiato la vostra testa per un nido, mi sa che sia arrivato il momento di districare e lavare i vostri capelli. Uno step che sto trovando molto utile prima di districare i miei capelli è quello di fare un impacco naturale da applicare per almeno mezz'oretta sui ricci prima del lavaggio. Alcuni esempi di impacchi naturali che ho provato e mi sono stati piuttosto utili potete leggerli qui o qui.

Nel mio percorso nappy, ho incontrato principalmente 3 diversi metodi di districamento per eliminare nodi e per preparare i capelli al lavaggio.
CAPELLI UMIDI + BALSAMO Questo è uno dei miei metodi preferiti quando non ho tempo per un impacco pre shampoo. Dividete la vostra testa in 6-8 sezioni; su capelli asciutti o leggermente bagnati applicate una dose generosa del vostro balsamo preferito ed iniziate a districare i vostri capelli partendo dalle punte. PRO: il balsamo applicato sui vostri ricci vi permetterà…


1 | You've got the name of your hairdresser listed on your last will
We all know how nearly impossible difficult it is to find THE perfect hairdresser that won't cut more than necessary, that follows our instructions and that it won't charge too much money for some highlights. Hairdressers are a god sent gift that could give us tips and improve our hair's health but they cannot make miracles. Even if I could afford to go to my hairdresser once a week, I would still have to deal with my hair the other six days.  Learn how to take care of your kinky curls with a simple daily routine to obtain the best results after visiting your hair stylist.

2 | You haven't changed your hair care routine after Big Chopping
The famous Big Chop is a crucial and meaningful action that determines a new beginning for us Naturals. Very often though, after cutting all the damaged ends, you don't really know where to start so you use the same products and methods that you've always use…


While I do love from time to time to experiment and buy tonsmountains few new products, I usually try to stick to a simple daily hair routine with my trusted staple products. My hair prefers natural organic products so that I don't have to deal with build up and dry 4b hair. While I was looking for a replacement for my empty jar of coconut oil, Natural Health Harmony line came through and hooked your girl up. I met with Nathan, the amazing owner of NHH and decided to collaborate together in this amazing project. We had a lovely chat and I agreed to try out some of his products on my natural hair and write an honest review. The first thing that I've noticed is the packaging. I'm completely in love with it! It's elegant and sleek, just how I like it. I immediately felt that I've seen the products before as well and, after a brief chat, I realised that I've seen some NHH products at Xsandy's, the afro hair store in Lewisham Shopping Centre. The fact that I coul…


PrimarkStilettos Primark Mustard Shirt Dress PrimarkOversized Earrings  Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick shade "Mystic" New lookHot Pants
I remember like it was yesterday my awkward teenage years when all I wanted to do was wear humongous sweaters and just hide my body. Sometimes I looked at my myself in the mirror and I didn't necessarily loved what I was seeing. Now that I gave it time, I got to know my body and I am more conscious about my curves and my figure, I cannot stop  admiring myself. It was a though, strenuous and liberating  journey and I am sure that a lot of us experienced my same range of teenage emotions at least once. I am not looking for approval anymore, I am not scared of showing my imperfect body and I am not going to stop any time soon.
Have a great start of the week!
Mi ricordo come se fosse ieri quando ero un'adolescente piena di complessi e con zero fiducia in me stessa. So per certo di non essere stata la sola ad aver vissuto imbarazzo perenne dura…


Who said that hair buns are just for children?  This time, I wanted to create a fresh and snazzy outfit but with a twist. I've decided to wear a black printed boho chic playsuit, gorgeous pink candy lips, classic black stiletto heels, a magnificent silver necklace and sport my go-to hair style when it's really darn hot outside: I present to you the hair buns. I really enjoyed creating this one of a kind look, perfect for an after hour with friends and few steps on the dancefloor afterwards. 
Che estate sia! Ho voluto creare un look piuttosto semplice e fresco adatto alla calura estiva. Ho deciso di abbinare questa salopette corta nera a fantasia, labbra rosa pastello, classiche stiletto nere, una meravigliosa collana argento dal sapore boho chic il tutto farcito con il mio stile protettivo preferito: siore e siori, vi presento gli hair buns. Mi sono divertita molto a creare questo look perfetto per passare una serata in compagnia con amici e sentirsi irresistibili.

Primark Playsuit P…


I love wearing easy flowy dresses to feel comfortable to tackle any possible fun activity that I have in store for the day. It's really flattering, perfect for the summer weather, lengthy enough to wear it in every occasion but short enough to show off some legs. I usually don't let my hair down but now that the weather is amazing, I am less strict and I don't have my hair in protective styles all throughout the week. I paired this lovely dress with my favourite red lipstick, black and white sandals and my sickening brown skin. 
Adoro indossare abiti svolazzanti appena le temperature si alzano e le giornate si fanno più lunghe. Solitamente tengo i miei capelli in protective styles come treccine, in una coda alta o bassa o cornrows cosicchè possa mantenere i miei capelli forti e sani, ma con l'arrivo della bella stagione, l'unica cosa che voglio fare è mostrare i miei capelli naturali sciolti tutto il tempo!


Bellissime foto di capelli nappy da Tumblr, che mi ispirano e mi fanno innamorare sempre di più dei capelli afro naturali! Buon Lunedì a tutti!
Beautiful pictures of afro curly hair from Tumblr. Happy Monday, y'all!