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1 | You've got the name of your hairdresser listed on your last will
We all know how nearly impossible difficult it is to find THE perfect hairdresser that won't cut more than necessary, that follows our instructions and that it won't charge too much money for some highlights. Hairdressers are a god sent gift that could give us tips and improve our hair's health but they cannot make miracles. Even if I could afford to go to my hairdresser once a week, I would still have to deal with my hair the other six days.  Learn how to take care of your kinky curls with a simple daily routine to obtain the best results after visiting your hair stylist.

2 | You haven't changed your hair care routine after Big Chopping
The famous Big Chop is a crucial and meaningful action that determines a new beginning for us Naturals. Very often though, after cutting all the damaged ends, you don't really know where to start so you use the same products and methods that you've always use…


While I do love from time to time to experiment and buy tonsmountains few new products, I usually try to stick to a simple daily hair routine with my trusted staple products. My hair prefers natural organic products so that I don't have to deal with build up and dry 4b hair. While I was looking for a replacement for my empty jar of coconut oil, Natural Health Harmony line came through and hooked your girl up. I met with Nathan, the amazing owner of NHH and decided to collaborate together in this amazing project. We had a lovely chat and I agreed to try out some of his products on my natural hair and write an honest review. The first thing that I've noticed is the packaging. I'm completely in love with it! It's elegant and sleek, just how I like it. I immediately felt that I've seen the products before as well and, after a brief chat, I realised that I've seen some NHH products at Xsandy's, the afro hair store in Lewisham Shopping Centre. The fact that I coul…