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I remember like it was yesterday my awkward teenage years when all I wanted to do was wear humongous sweaters and just hide my body. Sometimes I looked at my myself in the mirror and I didn't necessarily loved what I was seeing. Now that I gave it time, I got to know my body and I am more conscious about my curves and my figure, I cannot stop  admiring myself. It was a though, strenuous and liberating  journey and I am sure that a lot of us experienced my same range of teenage emotions at least once. I am not looking for approval anymore, I am not scared of showing my imperfect body and I am not going to stop any time soon.
Have a great start of the week!
Mi ricordo come se fosse ieri quando ero un'adolescente piena di complessi e con zero fiducia in me stessa. So per certo di non essere stata la sola ad aver vissuto imbarazzo perenne dura…