Glassesshop.com strikes again! Few months ago they kindly sent me a pair of fabulous eyeglasses to celebrate my birthday (check out the blogpost by clicking here). Since the last time was so fun to choose glasses and showcase them, we decided to collaborate again and for me to review a brand new pair of their fantastic eyeglasses. When it was time to choose which pair I would rock this time, it was fairly difficult because the variety of the glasses frames and materials you could choose from is infinite. 
This time I wanted to get out of my comfort zone so I took a leap of faith. Did you know that Glassesshop offers prescription sunglasses? Girl, BYE!
I couldn't pass the opportunity! I got me some Cary Aviator in gunmetal. 
Since I wanted to be extra and cheeky, I asked if I could also have yellow tinted lenses and they agreed. Not only I have prescription badass sunglasses, but I have them with yellow lenses: can it get any better?
   Glassesshop.com has some other incredible offers like get your first pair for free or buy one get one free.  
If you want to try out this amazing site you can also use code GSHOT50 which is 50% off for all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, with the exception of sales frames.
Hope you love the pictures. I collaborate with an amazing and very talented photograper. Thanks Alessia! I'm sure this is just the start of many other collaborations.

Treat yourself and grab a pair of lovely glasses. I'm sure you will love them just as much as I did!
Question: have you ever owned a pair of prescription sunglasses? 
Let me know what do you think about the glasses in the comments below.
Have an incredible start of the week peeps!



Old St, London, UK
After 20 minutes or so on the Northern line, I reached my destination: Old Street. When I arrived at the venue, the queue was fairly impressive for a Sunday evening. 
The festival was taking place at the Kachette, a raw warehouse space with beautiful lights and vibes. As soon as I got in, I really felt like I stepped into music videos like "Finders Keepers" by Mabel or "Fall in Love" by Gold Link. The main room offered many original outfits, protective styles and melanated people. This festival was designed to celebrate and explore what it means to be a Black woman in UK. Art, magazines, books, toys, food, beauty & hair products were laid on the tables while inquisitive eyes passed by. 

The day was filled to the brim with workshops and panels. 
Some workshops included Black Motherhood Workshop, a place where they explored the misconceptions of Black Motherhood in the media as well as personal experiences of motherhood within the black community; 
Our Naked Thruths, a live life art session for all those who identify as women to draw, paint and sketch. This will be paired with conversation about how we can redefine the beauty of the Black Feminine Narrative and exploring core issues that affect how we identify with ourselves; 
Natural Hair Panel, a talk will explore the natural hair movement, its political roots and its significance to black women.
This panel was chaired by The Slumflower, award-winning blogger, speaker, creative director of Innclusive & presenter for The MOBO Awards.
Panellists included:
Jay & Tri from CURLture, natural hair bloggers 
Klerissa McDonald, founder & creative director of Curly By Nature
Shay Sade, Reprezent radio presenter & music editor for GUAP.

And finally Mental Health & Self - Care Panel, a talk that highlighted the importance of discussions of mental health in the black community and the significance of acts of self-care.
This panel was chaired by Grace F Victory, award-winning vlogger, presenter & author.
Panellists include:

Munroe Bergdorf, model & social activist

Guilaine Kinouani, intersectional feminist, equality consultant, therapist & writer

Tobi Oredein, founder of Black Ballad
Danielle Dash, writer, director & producer of award-winning series ‘Dear Jesus’
Laura Kirwan-Ashman, writer, screenwriter, filmmaker & co-founder of Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah

The atmosphere was electric and full of talented women. It was a great opportunity to mingle, open up, learn and grow in an environment where I felt completely accepted. 









Have you ever partecipated to an event similar to the Black Girl Festival? If yes, let me know in the comments below.



Tobi Red Bodycon Dress | Primark Gold Arm Jewellery | Primark 

For as long as I can remember, I've never wore tight dresses. I've always had large breasts, large shoulders and large hips, I've always been quite tall and, since I was born and bred in Italy, I always stood out also for the beautiful colour of my skin.
Recently I finally feel like I'm owning my body. I finally feel confident enough to wear a really tight bodycon dress without examining myself and feeling like I need to change the way that I look. It was a long journey and process, but I am getting more and more confident and I'm loving it. I decided to keep the jewellery to a minimum and to just use gold, my favourite thing. I ooze confidence every time I wear gold jewellery and I wanted to feel confident in this dress. Shoutout to Primark for hooking your girl up with some nude sandals that match perfectly my skintone and so making my legs longer.



Tobi White Crop Top | Primark Olive Skirt | Primark Black Heels

The past few weeks I've been feeling really peckish and tired. Everything got better after receiving this white crop top from Tobi.com. Their website is full of amazing piece of clothing perfect for curvy girls who want to be stylish and wear the latest trends. 
I always like to remember people that, in order to be stylish, you don't have to go in dept. You just need to be on the look out for the right clothes that fits you best. 
When creating this outfit, I wanted to feel feminine and embrace my curves so I decided to pair this amazing white crop top with an olive pencil skirt, some classic black heels and a pair of gold earrings because you can never go wrong with gold, honey!

Il sito di Tobi.com è pieno di vestiti per ragazze curvy che vogliono essere alla moda senza dover accendere un mutuo. I loro pezzi sono abbordabili, di ottima qualità e c'è una vastissima scelta. In generale, mi piace ricercare vestiti abbastanza comodi affinchè io possa utilizzarli tutti i giorni e che risaltino le mie curve, invece che nasconderle.
Ho quindi deciso di abbinare questo splendido crop top bianco con una gonna aderente color oliva, dei classici tacchi neri e come tocco finale, ho usato degli orecchini pendenti color oro. 
Che ne pensate di questo look?



New Look T-ShirtPrimark Jacket | Primark Jeans | Primark Slip On Mule | Glassesshop Tortoise Glasses

I've been feeling very good about my body and hair lately. I am actively shifting my personal perception and ideal of beauty and finally accepting myself, with no ifs and buts.
I am feeling more and more thrilled of sharing with you guys my natural hair journey and my body positivity mentality. Since I am feeling more comfortable in my own body and figure, I wanted also to feel comfortable in my own clothes. You don't need to break the bank to look stylish and fly. 
Today's look consists of this easy breezy New Look t-shirt, ankle grazer cigarette black jeans and very light olive Primark duster.
To spice things up and give some character to this look, I've decided to add this really comfy slip on mule, which are huge right now. 
Hope you enjoyed this clean look. More to come soon!

In quest'ultimo periodo, mi sono riscoperta ad amare sempre di più il mio corpo e i miei capelli afro. Sto attivamente cambiando i miei canoni estetici di bellezza e gli ideali di bellezza che ho sempre avuto e che mi stavano creando sofferenza. E' stato e sarà un percorso lungo e faticoso cambiare percezione del mio ideale di bellezza, ma credo proprio di essere sulla buona strada.
Dato che mi sento sempre più a mio agio con il mio corpo, ho cercato di creare un look che sembrasse altrettanto confortevole. Non bisogna spendere tutto lo stipendio per vestirsi bene ed alla moda.
Ho deciso di abbinare questa maglietta oliva con scollo a V con dei jeans neri a sigaretta ed uno spolverino verde oliva.
Per finire questo outfit, ho scelto questi sandali comodissimi in colore argento. Questo look è perfetto per passare la giornata in giro, sentirsi comodi ma stilosi allo stesso tempo.
Spero vi sia piaciuto questo look! 



Primark Dress | Primark Shoes | Glassesshop Eyeglasses

Today's outfit is something very different from what I'm used to, but absolutely loving it. 95% of my wardrobe is sweatpants and dusty old baggy t-shirts. Since my birthday in May, I promised my self that I should start wearing more grownup clothes because, even though I don't fully realise it, I am an adult. I saw this deep blue indigo cute dress at Primark and couldn't resist. As soon as I tried it, I felt so comfortable and regal that I didn't want to take it out. I paired it with floral mules that were screaming my name.
What do you think about my outfit? 

L'outfit di oggi è diverso da quello che indosso solitamente ma qualche volta è bene cambiare. Il 95% del mio guardaroba consiste in pantaloni da ginnastica e vecchie maglie sformate di dubbia provenienza. Da quando ho compiuto gli anni a Maggio, mi sono ripromessa di dover iniziare a comprare più abiti eleganti e sofisticati perchè, che io me ne sia resa conto o meno, sono un'adulta. Quando ho adocchiato questo vestitino blu indigo da Primark, ho subito capito che facesse proprio al caso mio. L' abito mi è calzato a pennello e l'ho voluto abbinare con queste mules fiorite che avevano il mio nome scritto sopra.
Che cosa ne pensate di questo mio outfit? 

photographer: Brigitta Nagy | Instagram: @nbartdiary


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