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A lot of you ask me on a daily basis my opinion on specific natural hair products so I thought I would start making products reviews again. For some reasons I got very disorganised busy lately so I wasn't dishing out as many review articles as per usual. But I will start again since I also bought few new products during the Afro Hair & Beauty Live show (check out my post HERE). Today I will talk a little bit about the hair mask H'Suan Wen Hua from Lush. This mask is full of protein-rich, nourishing ingredients to revive your hair and improve its condition. There are few natural ingredients perfect for improve the health of natural hair such as eggs, bananas, avocados and bay leaf infusion. It was suggested on the box to massage a thick layer of H'Suan Wen Huatreatment on completely dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.  I then applied the TREsemme NATURALS CONDITIONER (link of the review here), finger detangled my hair, rinse it out, repeat…


The days has finally arrived. It's always a pleasure to come back at the Afro Hair & Beauty Live Show. This is my second year in a row participating to this amazing gathering of Afrocentric beauty supplies, products and clothes designers. Most of the products displayed are discounted so it's always a great chance to have a bigger selection, stock up and save some coins. For this reason, I had the possibility to purchase products from Creme of NatureHair Chemist LimitedAs I AmTangle Teezer and Gro Healthy. Take a moment to have a look at the pictures and pretend for a second that you were there with me. 
Have a fantastic weekend friends!
E' sempre un piacere partecipare all' Afro Hair & Beauty Live Show, un evento che ruota completamente attorno a prodotti per capelli afro e stirati, vestiti ed accessori a stampa africana, make up e prodotti beauty per pelli scure. Questo รจ il secondo anno di seguito che partecipo a questo evento e sono sempre molto soddisfatt…