Tobi Red Bodycon Dress | Primark Gold Arm Jewellery | Primark 

For as long as I can remember, I've never wore tight dresses. I've always had large breasts, large shoulders and large hips, I've always been quite tall and, since I was born and bred in Italy, I always stood out also for the beautiful colour of my skin.
Recently I finally feel like I'm owning my body. I finally feel confident enough to wear a really tight bodycon dress without examining myself and feeling like I need to change the way that I look. It was a long journey and process, but I am getting more and more confident and I'm loving it. I decided to keep the jewellery to a minimum and to just use gold, my favourite thing. I ooze confidence every time I wear gold jewellery and I wanted to feel confident in this dress. Shoutout to Primark for hooking your girl up with some nude sandals that match perfectly my skintone and so making my legs longer.

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