It's time for a new review babes! I finally had the chance to write a review on some Palmer's products and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Here's the detail processed of how I achieved those gorgeous curls that you can see in the picture above!

The first thing that I did was prepping my hair by creating four chunky sections. You don't have to create sections before applying shampoos or using soaps but I found that creating sections helps saving time and cleaning my locks better. 
After the sectioning bit, I've lightly rubbed the Black Soap Dudu Osun in my hands to create some foam and I've applied the soap on my scalp. Because I normally use oils as styling products on my hair, I like to cleanse my hair once in a while with black soap. 

Black soap is full of natural ingredients so it doesn't dry my curls out completely and natural hair products can truly work on my locks. TIPSA general guideline is to always avoid scratching the scalp with nails. Always use your fingertips and you will avoid creating unnecessary microscars.

The Shea Formula Curl Repair Moisture Conditioner is the product that I used next. I've purchased this conditioner ages ago when I partecipated to the Curlytreats, an afro hair & beauty event that takes place here in London once a year. Most of the hair event that I had the pleasure to go to always give you the possibility to purchase natural hair products at a slightly cheaper price than retail ones. I remember spending around £5 for it and being super excited to try a new product. 
I've never used Palmer's products before that day so I didn't really know what to expect. Since the first application though, I remember my hair feeling very moisturised and supersoft. It does contain shea butter, which is an absolute staple ingredient in my house. After years of tribulations, I finally came to the conclusion that my hair need heavier products in order to thrive. I need me some shea butter or castor oil to saturate and satisfy my locks. After checking the list of ingredients, I knew that the chances my hair wouldn't like this holy grail were very slim. The consistency of the Palmer's conditioner is fairly thick so it does coat my hair without trouble and a little goes a long way. What else could a girl ask for? 

TIPS: place a third of the product in a spray bottle and dilute it with some warm water. Shake the bottle and voila! You can now evenly spray your curls from root to tip. 
I easily combed out most of the knots just in one go when using my Tangle Teezer brush so I couldn't wait to use the next product as the cherry on top.

I was fortunate enough to have some spare samples of the Shea Formula Curl Repair Whipped Cream from the same event so I thought I would put them to good use and finally try them.   

After applying the whipped cream from roots to tips, I've brushed a portion of slightly wet hair with my Tangle Teezer and braided it. Since I didn't trim my hair in a while and my ends were feeling damaged, after braiding my hair I snipped nearly 1 cm off. 

TIPS: when creating a washing routine, try to utilise products from the same brand instead of "mixing and matching". I always thought that brands were suggesting to use just their products for our washing routine (i.e. shampoo, leave-in conditioner and oils) because they were trying to up sell but there is actually a scientific reason behind it! Most of the products from a specific line are created to compliment each others pH. When we end up using a shampoo from Cantu, the conditioner from Design Essentials and the curling cream from Taliah Waajid, we are not sure how these products will react with our strands and between each other. 

All in all I very much loved the products that I used. As you can see from the picture at the beginning of the post, my locks are defined and shiny. My hair didn't dry out the following day and I didn't have to wash my hair immediately. The Palmer's conditioner is already a staple in my home and I was glad to pair it with other products from the same family. 

I hope you found this review helpful girls! Have you ever tried products from the Palmer's line? If yes, state your favourite product in the comment section.

Have great rest of the week peeps x

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