WHAT I'M WEARING: BMJL Black Dress | Primark Silver Stud Box Bag | H&M Black Coat
December is the month were all the parties and celebrations are taking place.
You are invited to multiple gatherings and that's fantastic but most of us are already maxed out on our credit cards because we had to buy your girlfriend's brother in law cousin something nice since "he's family". After buying presents for everyone and everything, you don't really want to spend more time nor energy in finding different outfits for the said occasions. 
Do you want to know what I normally do in this cases?

You need to be creative, fam!

What I am good at is reusing and repurposing the same dress and change it  into a whole new outfit by changing accessories.
With a simple little black dress like mine, is even easier to look like a whole new person once you add glittery earrings!

For a sophisticated and elegant look, I choose to pair a clean cut black coat (that I use pretty much every day since I do look good in it) with a vibrant red lipstick, a silver across the body box bag and sparkly earrings. If you are very cold, I suggest to add on a scarf and you're good to go!
There are so many examples of women long coats that it's insane!
For this holiday season, I decided to keep my hair in a simple braid out. I am thinking of renovating my hair and get a protective style involved in the new year but I'm still not sure which one. 
Comment below if you do have some protective hair ideas for me to try!

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