London, UK

The lovely team from Pandora's PR team invited me for an amazing evening out to discover the newest rings & bracelet collection - the Pandora's garden collection inspired by Spring and nature.

These tasty and gorgeous canap├ęs were another highlight of the evening. Plenty of vegetarian and non vegetarian options and all of them exquisite!

The Greenhouse in Bourne & Hollingsworth is a private dining area beautifully set up with plants, dreamy lights and everything green. It was the perfect background for such a lovely evening out.

Jar & Fern offered an amazing workshop while we were sipping, getting to know the new collection and networking between us bloggers.
I have never had the chance to create a terrarium before, so this experience was such a breath of fresh air and something absolutely amazing to try for the first time.

This new ring collection - click here to see it in full - is perfect to be styled by stacking or layering the rings with each other. I can't wait to be creative and try something completely new!

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