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A week from today I will celebrate my 25th birthday.

In case you didn't know, I was born and bred in Italy by Nigerian parents. I've lived in Italy most of my life, my first language is Italian and the best food that I've ate is Italian.
Italy is a big chunk of my story and sometimes it's frustrating when I have to explain and somehow "validate" the fact that I'm Italian.
It always seems like a joke when the words "I'm Italian" come out of my mouth. People look at me like I'm trying to get a reaction from them or I must be getting confused with another nationality.

When I was 18-19 years old I was extremely shy and worried to share where I came from and who I was as a person. I think what I was fearing the most were the involuntary ignorant questions that I would have to respond to. I spent most of my life trying to blend in, try not to get too much attention and not giving away too much when speaking.

Few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a ticket to a class on how to start your own Kickstarter project sponsored by the amazing Gal-Dem. I do have few projects that I want to bring forth and Kickstarter is perfect for what I have in my mind.
There were roughly 30 odd people in the audience - most of them black females - and we were all avidly taking notes. We then got split into 4 or 5 groups and had the chance to share our projects one by one.

What struck me the most was the variety and diversity sitting on that table alone. It suddenly hit me so hard that I've actually teared up a little bit when I reached home:

I felt at ease among those women because we all shared the essence of being different and unique.

When I described my project and background, I felt for the first time a true sense of belonging and pride in sharing were I come from and my slightly odd background because everyone had something distinct feature that makes them special.

6 years ago I was just 18 and left my home to build a new home for myself here in the UK.
I never looked back and never regretted the decision per se but I always thought "what if" and lowkey thought that if I stayed in Italy, everything was going to be easier.

The truth is that I will always desire what I cannot have. 
The quicker I realise that, the easier my life will be.

Today's post is an ode to my realisations and growing forth as a beautiful black woman.
Today's post is to remind you that no matter how hard you want to be, look like or have something different, there is a reason for you to be just like you are.

It took me nearly 25 years to realise how lucky I am to be a unicorn. Cheers to that!

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