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At the end of last year, I've decided to take a leap and move from a stable full time job into a part time position and work on my blog every single moment that I had free. 
Nearly 8 months has gone since then and I think I can probably give you a proper update and a small insight of how I'm finding my new life.

Deciding to change my job and routine was a difficult decision but also the right one.

My body definitely got used to the old routine so it was just a case for me to start a different routine and take it from there. Now I've taken up going to the gym regularly, taking classes that I've never had time to take before and going out with friends that I didn't see for months. 

When you work for an employer, you do expect your money to reach your bank account at the same time every month, you don't have to worry about looking for opportunities to make an income and taxes are taken care of. You have a set routine and, let's be honest: who doesn't love a fixed routine?

After all, we are creature of habits.

What has drastically changed so far for me is how I personally view money.

I'm not gonna lie: I didn't have much in my savings account, I was living pay check to pay check not really ready for rainy days, I was squandering HUUUUUGE amount of pounds on food (I'm a Taurus, what can I do?) and I kinda forgot my direct debits that I've registered years ago.

It was a tough wake up call realising that I needed to take some responsibility for my my finances, start cutting where I could and build a healthier relationship with my dinero.

It took me a while to sift through unnecessary monthly subscriptions, I'm currently doing a weekly food shopping instead of popping into Sainsbury's every time I finish some biscuits, I'm saving a certain amount of money every month and I stopped taking for granted all the money that I've worked so hard for.

My best 3 tips for anyone who's transitioning or just started working as a freelancer?

1/ Find new ways to earn your coins
When you've been working full time all of your life, you get used to expect extra money just through certain ways: either a promotion, raise or a bonus; when you work as a freelancer, you do have the liberty to find different streams of income. 
There are so many possible ways to earn money: don't limit yourself!

2/ Make a food shopping list and stick to it!
This was probably the hardest shift to make. I used to go out whenever I run out of something in my pantry and come back with 10 unnecessary items that I was craving for.
The best way to control your spending is to write down a shopping list of the food that you want to eat for the week or month and sticking to that list whenever you'll go to the grocery store.
If you know you crave sweets, add that to your list. The point is to be more self disciplined not being a monk deprived of all the pleasure in this life!

3/ Save, save, save
When you don't have a stable stream of income, having a stash of money on the side for unplanned rainy days is what you should aim for. 
Start with saving a proportionate percentage every time you receive money, so that you won't be surprised by unplanned bills.

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