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London, UK

We are fast approaching Christmas and the end of the year at this point. 
I don't have any particular plan in place for this holidays, but I definitely booked enough time to relax and recharge for an amazing start in 2020.

Christmas came a bit early for me since a very exciting collaboration with a plus size brand called Pink Clove came about unexpectedly. I had the pleasure of working with Pink Clove before and I absolutely loved the dress that I received so I jumped on the possibility of creating new outfit ideas.

Pink Clove is a fabulous brand of plus size clothing that specialises in sizes from 16 to 28. 

They are definitely every curvy girl dream turned into reality!

Because I always wait the last second, I still had to run some errands and buy the last Christmas presents for family & friends. My imperative for the day was to be absolutely comfortable running around town. I decided to wear these gorgeous wide feet Western boots, a very stretchy high neck jumper and mom fit jeans.
To add a bit of sass, I paired this casual look with a leopard faux leather jacket and gold statement jewellery. 

This is probably one of the go-to outfit that I will carry with me in the new year and will never be tired of showcasing.

So many things happened to me during this year alone and I am quite excited to see what the future will bring. One major thing that I want to master in 2020 is completely being in charge of my life and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I made the conscious decision of sharing more of my life with you guys and I'm so happy to have received so many positive feedbacks.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me x


Black Jumper: Pink Clove (size 16)
Jewellery: Accessorize
Shoes: Pink Clove (size 7)
Jacket & Bag: Shein

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