I wish this post's title could be an April fool's prank but unfortunately is not. 
These past few weeks really tested everyone's tolerance and patience. Our routine got disrupted and we found ourselves having to pick up broken pieces of our past lives.
Today marks officially two weeks of me not being at work, not seeing friends, leaving the house without a reason and not having a huge queue when shopping. The first week was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions; the second week I came to terms with this current situation and started to take it one day at the time. 
Hearing about sudden deaths of loved ones and dear friends is still a hard pill to swallow but someone we have to keep going amidst all of this chaos.

Uncertainty puts me in a funny headspace where I still seek control in my life so that I can feel more emotionally stable.

What helped me during these unprecedented times is reconnecting with activities that I put aside but are now just a breath of fresh air.

Having to work until 9pm before this lockdown meant that I always started my nighttime routine around 10pm. The issue though was that my brain was not ready to unwind and go to bed so I always end up going to sleep in the early hours of the morning.
With the arrival of spring and overall longer days, I've noticed that my body got used to the natural sun's pattern: up and early in the morning, ready for some shut eyes in the evening when is pitch black outside.

"A tornado flew around my room before you came.." could've been easily my excuse for all of the mess that I didn't have the gut to tidy up around my bedroom.
Now that I'm spending 98.3% of the time in my room, it does annoy me to see things out of place for too long. 
Last Saturday I dedicated my whole day clearing up, recycling anything that wasn't needed, cleaning every inch of my room and getting rid of piles of clothes that wouldn't fit a child, let alone me.
Definitely a cathartic experience to find knickknacks that you completely forgot about but also an invite for new things/experiences to enter your life.

Being always busy at work meant having few brief phone calls whenever I found few minutes for myself. 
This quarantine gave me the opportunity to be able to chat and message people that I haven't talked to in ageeeees. For somebody like me that doesn't have her family here in London, I easily forget that the whole purpose of technology is essentially to keep us closer to people that you can't physically have next to you. 
Especially now, call thy friends and loved ones often!

Most of my Italian summers were spent with a gelato in one hand and my nose deep into books. Oh how the time flies!
There's something so satisfying in starting a book and giving all of your attention to it until you read the last sentence of it.  Some publishers are giving the opportunity to download ebooks for free so make sure to search for some new reads

How many times I pleaded that I was going to join the gym again or start taking online gym classes before all Hell broke loose? Too many times if you ask me.
Because my job shifts were not set in stone, my workout had to be done just when I had few spare moments or when I wasn't too tired.
Women's Health Mag (@womenshealthmag) and Equinox (@equinox) are few pages that are having live IG workouts and plenty of IGTV exercises pretty much all day, every day.
Grab yourself some water and join in! Moving my body definitely helped me release some built up tension and sleep a lot better in the end.

When you can't see a way, it means the time has come for you to make a way - Nara Lee

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