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Moving my body and doing exercise is how I'm remaining sane in 2020.

When it was okay to go out in these London streets, I had a gym membership and a loyal gym goer for the longest time. I definitely preferred going to the gym instead of doing home workouts because I really thought that being healthy meant sweating profusely and being sore the following day.

Oh, how the tables have turned!

I haven't seen a gym in what it seems like forever and I'm not mad at it. It does take more discipline exercising from home and I definitely struggled at the beginning, but now that few months went by, I also realise that my mental health has never been better. Having a routine and moving definitely helped me relax and not feel overwhelmed with what's going on in the world right now, it helped me put things into perspective and to create a deeper connection with my body.

My weight fluctuated quite a bit in these past couples of months so I needed to invest in new activewear clothes that could fit my changing body. I am still a beginner in the sustainability activewear world, so I don't know many brands yet, but I'm doing my researches and I was contacted by an amazing brand among them all. I know how important it is to invest in clothes that are ethically sourced with better quality fabrics, but I also do know that for us plus size women there aren't a lot of options out there! I was really pleased to be contacted by a sustainable brand and to take on their offer to review their plus size section. 

Asquith is an eco activewear clothes for yoga, Pilates, sports and living in. All Asquith Pilates & yoga wear clothing collections are ethically made in their wonderful European factory then shipped to their UK warehouse.

They use the best quality, eco-friendly performance fabrics: organic cotton and bamboo.

They are sustainably sourced, naturally wick away sweat and don't fade, bobble or stretch. 

They do produce ethical & stylish clothes for women that are specifically designed to provide comfort while doing yoga and Pilates including tops, t-shirts, leggings, pants and even jumpsuits!

There are so many choices on the website, but I decided to go for something simple and ideal for days when I tend to do some strengthening pilates for my back. 
I've chosen the Balance Bra Top and the Move It Leggings in the gorgeous color Forest.

 I normally wear a size 16UK but it always depends on how elastic is the fabric that I want to purchase. 
After checking Asquith's website, I decided to go for an XXL because it was pretty close to my current measurements and because I do have a bit of a belly and I didn't want to feel uncomfortable or not being able to move freely. If you are in between sizes, you could afford to go down a size and still feel comfortable.


As soon as I received the set, I immediately tried both items to see what the fit was and if I needed to change anything. Luckily, the top and leggings feel quite sturdy and do fit like a glove so nothing needs to be changed!
The first time that I've used this set I went for a long walk in a park nearby. I've never had activewear clothes made out of Bamboo and organic cotton, so I wanted to see how they would react with sweat and friction. I'm happy to report that the fabric is very elastic and you can easily move and stretch in it without problems. 

Two things that I really like and that are plus size friendly are the large underbust band of the top and the elasticated waistband of the leggings. These two features do allow for the clothes to stay in place so that I don't have to spend my time adjusting anything! Right now, I tend to use the top while doing chores around the house or when I need to pop out to run some errands. Absolute gamechanger!


I really love this set. It's comfortable, elastic and stays in place while I'm exercising. I washed it already once and the colour is still vibrant, the fabric still soft and the fit didn't change. 
The packaging is 100% recyclable and ethically made. 
You can see the workers that made the clothes on the websites so there's a lot of transparency on the production of all Asquith's products. The fabric factory has passed the Sadex Audit, which covers social standards, environmental conditions, business ethics and the adherence of health & safety procedures.
I know that I was lucky enough to be gifted the set because the price point might not be accessible for everybody, but after using the leggings & top and seeing upclose the material, I trust that purchasing sustainable activewear is an investment and not just a 5-minute craving for new clothes.


  1. You look beautiful, dear! And I really love the leggings! Might have to get one too!


  2. Its Great your showing eco activewear clothes as they hard to find


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