London, UK

The lovely team from Pandora's PR team invited me for an amazing evening out to discover the newest rings & bracelet collection - the Pandora's garden collection inspired by Spring and nature.

These tasty and gorgeous canap├ęs were another highlight of the evening. Plenty of vegetarian and non vegetarian options and all of them exquisite!

The Greenhouse in Bourne & Hollingsworth is a private dining area beautifully set up with plants, dreamy lights and everything green. It was the perfect background for such a lovely evening out.

Jar & Fern offered an amazing workshop while we were sipping, getting to know the new collection and networking between us bloggers.
I have never had the chance to create a terrarium before, so this experience was such a breath of fresh air and something absolutely amazing to try for the first time.

This new ring collection - click here to see it in full - is perfect to be styled by stacking or layering the rings with each other. I can't wait to be creative and try something completely new!



At the beginning of this year, I had a surge of energy and such a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve by the end of 2019 that I really scared myself. The intentions and goals that I've set at beginning of January 2019 were to represent women who are not a size 0, caucasian and with straight hair; I wanted to put myself more out there because I am starting to see more women like me, but there are still not enough out there portrayed in the media. In my opinion, there is still a big lack even in the blogger community of diversity and I wanted to do something about it
I've planned blogposts, met up with talented photographers and created amazing blog content for you ladies to read but at some point I got stuck, petrified and completely lost.


3 key tips for naturals that I wish I knew before

Six years ago I still used to straighten my hair. Fresh off the plane from Italy, I first went to Brixton. Seeing many women with beautiful natural hair really inspired me to research natural hair. It was then that I finally decided to let my hair grow naturally and embrace my kinky coily hair.


HAPPY 2019!

Happy New Year peeps!
2018 was a struggle, I'm not gonna lie! I learned so many lessons and developed the foundation to kickstart this 2019 with a new attitude, new passions and a changed mentality. At the end of last year I left a job that wasn't bringing me joy anymore, I started taking care of my health by joining the gym and ACTUALLY using my membership, I've cut out relationships with people that didn't share my views. Overall I started taking care of myself in a way that I've never done before. 



WHAT I'M WEARING: BMJL Black Dress | Primark Silver Stud Box Bag | H&M Black Coat
December is the month were all the parties and celebrations are taking place.
You are invited to multiple gatherings and that's fantastic but most of us are already maxed out on our credit cards because we had to buy your girlfriend's brother in law cousin something nice since "he's family". After buying presents for everyone and everything, you don't really want to spend more time nor energy in finding different outfits for the said occasions. 
Do you want to know what I normally do in this cases?

You need to be creative, fam!


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