London, UK

A week from today I will celebrate my 25th birthday.

In case you didn't know, I was born and bred in Italy by Nigerian parents. I've lived in Italy most of my life, my first language is Italian and the best food that I've ate is Italian.
Italy is a big chunk of my story and sometimes it's frustrating when I have to explain and somehow "validate" the fact that I'm Italian.
It always seems like a joke when the words "I'm Italian" come out of my mouth. People look at me like I'm trying to get a reaction from them or I must be getting confused with another nationality.



London, UK

At the end of last year, I've decided to take a leap and move from a stable full time job into a part time position and work on my blog every single moment that I had free. 
Nearly 8 months has gone since then and I think I can probably give you a proper update and a small insight of how I'm finding my new life.

Deciding to change my job and routine was a difficult decision but also the right one.

My body definitely got used to the old routine so it was just a case for me to start a different routine and take it from there. Now I've taken up going to the gym regularly, taking classes that I've never had time to take before and going out with friends that I didn't see for months. 

When you work for an employer, you do expect your money to reach your bank account at the same time every month, you don't have to worry about looking for opportunities to make an income and taxes are taken care of. You have a set routine and, let's be honest: who doesn't love a fixed routine?

After all, we are creature of habits.



London, UK

The lovely team from Pandora's PR team invited me for an amazing evening out to discover the newest rings & bracelet collection - the Pandora's garden collection inspired by Spring and nature.



At the beginning of this year, I had a surge of energy and such a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve by the end of 2019 that I really scared myself. The intentions and goals that I've set at beginning of January 2019 were to represent women who are not a size 0, caucasian and with straight hair; I wanted to put myself more out there because I am starting to see more women like me, but there are still not enough out there portrayed in the media. In my opinion, there is still a big lack even in the blogger community of diversity and I wanted to do something about it
I've planned blogposts, met up with talented photographers and created amazing blog content for you ladies to read but at some point I got stuck, petrified and completely lost.


3 key tips for naturals that I wish I knew before

Six years ago I still used to straighten my hair. Fresh off the plane from Italy, I first went to Brixton. Seeing many women with beautiful natural hair really inspired me to research natural hair. It was then that I finally decided to let my hair grow naturally and embrace my kinky coily hair.


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