I'm currently obsessed with SLEEK MAKEUP. That's it! I said it out loud!
I can't help it! Everything from this makeup line looks so good on my complexion that I have to treat me well. 
  For me this Mystic matte shade is playful, summery and irreverent. I used it a couple of time already and I'm still so impressed about it. It has a matte finish (which I personally love), I can eat/drink whatever I want without any touch ups, really long lasting and it doesn't dry out my lips. Too good to be true, honestly.
I had so many compliment last time that I wore this shade that I felt like a model! 
I would definitely recommend this makeup line to all the dark women out there ready to try out something new and fun!

What do you think? Have you ever used a Sleek Makeup product? 
Have a wonderful day, people!