Let's be honest: is not easy to find a makeup line women of colour friendly. I still have to find the perfect foundation for my skin but I hope I'll find the right answer sooner or later.
The first time I've tried this foundation I was really disappointed with the result. I have an extremely oily skin but no acne problems and I was looking for a foundation shine-free. 
Maybelline "Fit Me" doesn't help AT ALL my oily-as-hell skin, but that is the only down side! If I apply a good translucent powder after the foundation, my face looks amazing and I don't need any touch up during the day. 

with flash

without flash

The shade that I chose - Coconut 355, the darkest shade available - is perfect for my skin tone. And when I say perfect I mean perfectly perfect! 
Everyone says that my skin look flawless and natural as though I have nothing on. That's why I love this foundation! It fives you an incredible natural look. Plus it costs just £7.99: BARGAIN!
A little goes a looooong way, girls. 

In conclusion for me is a 7, nothing less and nothing more. 
What do you think? Have you ever tried a Maybelline Fit Me foundation before?

Have a great day!