October 04, 2014



Ciao Nappy Heads, come state? 
Ieri sera ho avuto la possibilita' di partecipare alla presentazione della linea natalizia dei prodotti LUSH.
LUSH e' una linea di cosmesi che crede fermamente nell'utilizzare solo ingredienti naturali e non testati sugli animali, freschi e dai profumi unici, evitando o riducendo al minimo l'utilizzo di conservanti e additivi. Potete trovare una sezione saponi, prodotti per il viso ed il corpo, makeup e tanto altro!
La mia sezione preferita del negozio e' sicuramente la sezione per capelli. I prodotti che troverete saranno ricchi di olii essenziali, adatti per nutrire a lungo i nostri capelli nappy. 
Il negozio LUSH e' perfetto per tutte le ragazze naturali che vogliono iniziare ad utilizzare prodotti naturali e ad impatto zero. Non preoccupatevi: ho gia' comprato alcune maschere e shampoo che provvedero' presto a postare qui sul blog. Per ora condivido i mille colori da cui sono stata circondata ieri sera.
Avete mai sentito parlare di LUSH? Fatemi sapere ragazze!

Hey beauts! How's your weekend going?

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend LUSH's Christmas New Products Launch Party in Norwich City Centre.
Lovely atmosphere, amazing customer service, hypnotic and luxurious aromas. What else could you ask for?
As you can see from the photos, the shop was full of eye catching and ultra natural products. I'm becoming a huge fun of LUSH just because you can find pretty much ANYTHING that you need.
Soon I'm going to share with you guys some of my latest products from LUSH so stay tuned.

Have you ever heard about LUSH products? Let me know, kinky heads!

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  1. Waw, looks awesome :)

  2. This looks fantastic! I just tried Lush's mask of magnanimity and i was completely blown away.I am planning to try some other products as well :)
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  3. I really love LUSH! Its products are really amazing *_*


  4. I want to try their products!! I heard they're wonderful. Thanks for this post




    1. Thank you Karin :) Let's keep in touch xx

  5. I've seen this store but have not went into it - the products look awesome.


  6. Just fabulous Christmas products! Thanks for photographs. You know dear I am an event planner so I always look for such interesting stuff that can help me in arranging the unique events. You article is very helpful. Keep sharing such posts!


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