Since I've decided to completely embrace my natural hair, I've soon discovered that sometimes my kinky hair DO NOT want to...

Since I've decided to completely embrace my natural hair, I've soon discovered that sometimes my kinky hair DO NOT want to cooperate. At all. 
One easy way to solve my problems and spice things up is to wear turbans, the holy grails for all naturals. A turban is the perfect accessory that can create a distinctive and exclusive outfit without trying too hard. You'll feel invincible and your hair is fully covered: win win.
I wanted to create a look perfect for the lovely weather that we are starting to experience here in London, so I've opted for a clean but bold and colourful style. 
This light brown suede skirt is a brand new entry in my wardrobe. It's such a great shade that perfectly compliments and enhances my skin colour.
I'm obsessed with my new skirt so this definitely won't be the last time that you see it.

Ricordo con nostalgia i bei tempi andati quando avevo appena fatto il Grande Taglio (o Big Chop) ed i miei capelli erano cortissimi, si e no due centimetri. Ogni giorno appena svegliata spruzzavo un po` d'acqua, una generosa dose di balsamo senza risciacquo e via, pronta per conquistare il mondo. L'intero processo durava 3 minuti e mezzo ed i miei capelli risultavano sempre impeccabili.
Ora, a distanza di anni, i miei capelli sono cresciuti parecchio e ci sono giornate in cui i miei ricci decidono di non cooperare.
La soluzione infallibile alle mie giornate no sono i turbanti, che dio li benedica.
I turbanti sono gli accessori perfetti per creare un look regale e caratteristico. Ogni volta che ne indosso uno, mi sento invicibile ed i miei capelli sono protetti ed al sicuro.
Ho voluto creare un look diverso, colorato e stiloso, perfetto per queste mie giornate londinesi inondate di sole.
Questa gonna in suede e` una new entry nel mio guardaroba; si abbina e fa risaltare perfettamente il mio colore di pelle. Questa sicuramente non sara` l'ultima volta che mi vedrete indossare questo bellissimo capo, siatene certi!

Primark High Neck Blue Jumper
Primark High Waist Suede Skirt - Similar HERE
Primark Oversize Look Earring

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  1. So pretty!

  2. Great combination, girl. I agree with you on the natural hair. Ha!! You look pretty. :)

  3. Tu stai una favola con il turbante, sembri una regina!
    troppo carino anche il tuo look, bellissimi colori! :D

  4. Love the skirt and the whole look...

  5. these colors and the turban looks soooooo good on you

    1. Thank you so much!! Such a big compliment from you xx

  6. Great outfit! Love the photos!
    I'm following :)

  7. A head wrap can be a big time saver for us naturals. Your turban is beautiful and goes really well with that rich blue jersey.

    XoXo Noma

    1. It can be EVERYTHING when your hair decide not to cooperate. Thanks for stopping by Noma xx

  8. love the blue and tangerine color together!

  9. Wow, I love this combo so much!

  10. I just love the colours and ur head wrap . U look stunning babes 😍
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

    1. Awww thank you! Will definitely check out your blog x

  11. Loved the look!

  12. Girl this is such a stunning look. I would never have thought to mix those two colors together, I love it! Oh and if you're interested in doing a blogger collab together please let me know (it'll be a lot of fun).


  13. Nice look!


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