My experience with showcasing my natural hair in its full glory while at work has been quite an interesting journey. 
I've changed career two months ago exactly. I was in the hospitality industry but now I moved onto the retail industry and what I've noticed with great pleasure is that people love seeing natural hair. They are mesmerised, hypnotised and quite fascinated by how my hair is presented.  

I had the chance to wear my natural hair at work multiple times now and I'm quite stomped to share that I've never received so many compliments, even compared to the occasions were I'm out and about with friends. 

I never realised how different I carry myself and how small and insignificant I want to appear when my hair is in a bun. I have the pleasure of having many naturals shopping at my workplace and it's so nice to exchange a proud nod between each other. The most beautiful moment that I had roughly a week ago with another natural was when I was in a corner squatting doing some replan and she couldn't really see my hair. She was just looking for an assistant to ask a quick question but when she actually saw my hair she was shocked for a split second and she just blurt out:" oh my god! I love your hair". For me it is quite normal to see myself with my natural hair out and I'm probably used to it so it doesn't surprise me anymore but that's MY perspective. Wearing my hair down is a great way for me to be more in contact with myself. I know that not everybody is on my same level or path, but once you discover something beautiful about yourself, you tend to show it and be absolutely proud of who you've become. And that's exactly how I feel right about now.

I feel different and I know for a fact that I do appear different when I am tying my hair back. I am wearing less colourful clothes, I tend to minimise my presence and basically shrinking my whole self.
I am quite tired of auto sabotaging myself! 

I've been on a self discovery and improvement journey for the past few months, if not year. I know where I started and I know what my end goal is. I feel that I can confidently say that I am tired of being stuck. Stuck in the same place and mentality, stuck in the same dead end job that is not going to bring me any fulfilment to what I am truly good at and to what I want to attract in my life. Stuck with a circle of friends that are not seeing my same vision for today and the future. Stuck in belittling myself and not enjoying my full potential.

I started this self improvement journey by chance. I now understand how difficult my life was. I wanted to change how I viewed myself, to be more spontaneous, happy and fulfilled. What I've learnt in the past couple of months is that all the hardships that I've been through were in reality possibilities and the incredible potential to change some old patterns that were detrimental to my life. 

Wearing my natural hair out might be seen as a perfectly normal but small change and it is. But sometimes the smallest decisions tend to revolutionise our life.

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